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Title: What is Gloss Compensation? in Spectrophotometers

This is a technical report on gloss measurements and gloss compensation, as related to spectrophotometers and visual agreement. 

... Read More
Author: Datacolor Created On: 2 Dec, 2009 Accessed: 8234 times

Title: An error Occurred During Instrument Measurement in Retail

This error occurs when the XXXXX.gls file in use is corrupted, or doesn’t contain the gloss tables for the lens size of your instrument.  This error can occur if gloss compensation is activated ... Read More

Author: Datacolor Created On: 24 Mar, 2009 Accessed: 7523 times

Title: Datacolor Gloss Compensation in Spectrophotometers
See attached document, Datacolor Gloss Compensation, for information about spectrophotometers, in relation to samples with varying levels of gloss. ... Read More
Author: Datacolor Created On: 19 Jul, 2011 Accessed: 7453 times

Title: Formula Central Warning Message: “Target/Trail/Substrate/Colorant Set must have the same measurement geometry” in Datacolor Match Pigment

Most Datacolor Instruments allow selection from multiple options: 
 1 Specular Included (SCI or INCL or Include) measures all the light reflected from a sample
... Read More

Author: Datacolor Created On: 20 Aug, 2010 Accessed: 7153 times

Title: Gloss Compensation in Datacolor Match Pigment in Datacolor Match Pigment
See attached document for instructions on how to set up gloss compensation in Match Pigment formulation. ... Read More
Author: Datacolor Created On: 14 May, 2012 Accessed: 6464 times

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