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Title: Error: Start_IP.exe - Entry Point Not Found. The procedure entry point @Easysize@initialization$qqrv could not be located in the dynamic link library ITM_DataAccess.bpl. in Legacy Software

The main file of ITMProcess (start_IP.exe) is loading an auxiliary file (ITM_DataAccess.bpl) that is not up to date. Two versions of the same file certainly exist on the computer and the system va ... Read More

Author: Datacolor Created On: 25 Mar, 2009 Accessed: 9740 times

Title: We cannot delete one auxiliary. It will shown the error message: Delete not allowed! Auxiliaries : ARO-BLN--> 1 Inventory Operations ... We have checked all stock operations but none uses it. I get in Legacy Software
The problem comes form the line in the upper table. It is a stock move that has lost its link to a production. This can be explain by a bug in the program that was fixed after version 1.2.h Do the fol ... Read More
Author: Datacolor Created On: 25 Mar, 2009 Accessed: 7854 times

Title: Information about the quantity related to each dye. in Datacolor Process

The quantity of an auxiliary or a parameter depends on each dyestuff.

We will use the products and parameters information from the dyestuffs record and the multiple instance behavior prope ... Read More

Author: Datacolor Created On: 4 May, 2009 Accessed: 5945 times

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