What does error after monitor calibration "Error:unknown error:(536936466) [20010012] generate icc profile:CopyProfileWithICM 360

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Created On: 2016-08-22 4:59 AM
Author: Datacolor [RMertens@datacolor.com]

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That error after calibration is coming from a permissions issue on a folder where Envision is trying to copy a calibration file.  The file it is trying to copy is actually an ICC profile that is not used by Envision.  The calibration program creates this ICC profile so that it can be used in other programs.  This means that the calibration files in Envision were created properly and that the error will not affect what you are doing in Envision.


We can get rid of the message by figuring out what folder the user does not have write-permission on, but finding the folder can be trick y.  It’s operating system dependent, and on Windows XP or 7 it is usually “C:WINDOWSsystem3spooldriverscolor”.  If it’s not there try searching for *.icc to see what folder they are located in.  Once you find this folder, an administrator can give “write” permission on that folder.  Then there will no longer be any error message.

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