An error Occurred During Instrument Measurement

Article Number: 59
Created On: 2009-03-24 9:04 PM
Author: Datacolor []


This error occurs when the XXXXX.gls file in use is corrupted, or doesn’t contain the gloss tables for the lens size of your instrument.  This error can occur if gloss compensation is activated and there isn’t a proper gloss file installed. The instrument will calibrate, but produces this error when a measurement is attempted. The fix for this is to manually change the gloss file in use via the instrument setup from the Options Page. You may wish to consult a POS specialist the first time you encounter this before you attempt to fix this.   There could be multiple Gloss files installed in Paintmaker or Datacolor Paint.  The instrument data includes the gloss file on the calibration data CD, but there is also a generic file that can be installed.   This is located in:

For Paintmaker:


For Datacolor Paint:

c:program filesdatacolorspectrumDatacolor Paintspectro

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