I don’t have a floppy disk drive or my calibration data is on another source (CD, Flash Drive, Network, etc.)

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Created On: 2009-03-24 9:03 PM
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When installing a Dataflash instrument and calibration data when no floppy drive is available on your PC, do the following.

Insert the Paintmaker installation CD.

When prompted, select “CHANGE ACTIVE INSTRUMENT

Select your instrument, usually the first line. Click Next.

You will be prompted to insert calibration data – leaving the installation CD in the disk drive just click next or ok. This will open a typical Windows browser menu. Simply click “CANCEL” then you will be prompted to click “YES” to install the default data.

After the default data has been installed, you will be returned to the Windows Desktop.

Install your specific calibration data files by copying the calibration files from the calibration data CD to this folder:


Overwrite/replace any existing files.

Restart Paintmaker and run instrument setup.

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