I get an error "Not enough storage", when trying to measure a sample on my Datacolor Check.

Article Number: 515
Created On: 2010-03-11 5:43 PM
Author: Datacolor [tpine@datacolor.com]

URL : http://knowledgebase.datacolor.com/question.php?ID=515

This error is caused by never Hot-Syncing a Check unit to a computer. 
To bypass a Hot Sync to a computer, there is a function on the Check called: Purge All Deleted.
This option is on the Check’s Help menu.  If you have been deleting un-needed samples all the time, but the unit was never hot-synced to a PC, the ’deleted’ samples are not permanently removed from memory.  The Purge function completely removes them from memory. 
On the Datacolor menu, tap on upper left corner, then tap on Help, Purge All deleted.

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