The settings specified in the hrblcomm.ini were not valid.

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Created On: 2009-03-11 3:13 PM
Author: Admin []


This error has been noted to occur on Windows 2000 systems and will most likely occur on other O/S beyond Win 98 as well when communicating via a computer to computer connection to a Fluid Management (Colorpo) dispenser.

It happens because of the following line in the Harbilcomm.ini file located in the C:Paintmkrdispense subdirectory: Settings = 9600,N,8,1 ;The   baud rate, parity, data bits, and stop bits respectively. The fix is to remove the semi-colon and the entire description to the right of the semi-colon so that the line reads like this: Settings = 9600,N,8,1

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