Emailing measurement data from Tools QC

Article Number: 430
Created On: 2010-02-18 6:46 PM
Author: Datacolor []


In order to email directly out of Tools QC, your Tools QC PC must have a MAPI-compliant email service in place.  The setup and use of email services within Tools QC is explained in detail in the printed Tools User’s Guide you received with your system.  Additionally,one was loaded onto your system in the folder c:program filesdatacolorspectrumtools and it is named Datacolor_Tools_User_Guide.pdf.  This can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader which is also already on that PC (if not, it can be downloaded for free from Adobe’s website).  All the information you need to do this is located in the section Exchanging Data with Other TOOLS Users, which begins on page 333 of the printed manual; the 345th page of the PDF file version.

If your PC does not have access to an email service, you could use the export feature to create the QTX files and then copy them (via a floppy, or a jump drive?) and carry them to a PC that does have email capability.

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