Error 3070 when reading Black Trap

Article Number: 27
Created On: 2009-03-24 7:50 PM
Author: Datacolor []


This error is a Unispef error meaning black trap dianostic failed.

To determine whether is hardware or software problem try running:   Terminal program located in ColorTools folder.  

Choose File, Open, click on MC90.TRM

Pick :   Settings, Communications.   Verify settings are: 19200 baud, 1 stop bit, no parity, none flow control.

On buttons, click on:   *   then on Capabilities.   (write down the string)

Click on *:   then on Measure.

Does it have a valid measurement? Or any measurement?

You can measure black trap here with measure button and          

see if it is normal, and also check white tile. If its zeroes, it’s a hardware problem.

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