How do I store a new diagnostic tile measurement in Paintmaker or Datacolor Paint, if I have replaced my white tile, or changed instruments?

Article Number: 236
Created On: 2009-06-17 5:13 PM
Author: Datacolor []


Delete the file:  diagtile.ini 

located in:

For Datacolor Paint, delete it from this folder:

C:Program FilesdatacolorSpectrumDatacolor Paint

For Paintmaker, delete it from this folder:


If you cannot locate the file, use Windows Explorer to search for the file, and then delete it.

After deleting the file, the next time you perform instrument diagnostics inside Datacolor Paint or Paintmaker, a message will be displayed:

"Could not find diagnostic tile standard data file diagtile.ini. Would you like to create this standard?"   Click Yes.




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