This control NoSpec.Dll does not support a measurement device.

Article Number: 138
Created On: 2009-04-01 10:34 PM
Author: Datacolor []


The spectrophotometer control has not been properly installed on this machine when booting Paintmaker.

Make sure the instrument is connected to com1 and turned on. If you just got your instrument back from repair, make sure you have switched the loaner out for the returned instrument before proceeding.
Run Change Active Instrument of Install CD:
1. Retrieve the instrument calibration diskette and the most current version of the Paintmaker or Datacolor Paint CD.
2. Exit all applications and place the CD in the CD Rom drive.
3. Upon the autostart, select Change Active Instrument
4. From the select Instrument type menu that will appear next, select the proper spectrophotometer.
5. You will then be prompted to insert the calibration diskette or CD.
If the original problem was bad matches, run the drift test by selecting Spectro Diags (password for True Value customers is kevin) from the Options Menu. You must calibrate the spectro from the diags window.  After calibration, run the drift test using the white tile. If the test passes, the instrument is setup correctly and using the proper calibration data and also passing the diagnostic test. You should monitor matches and call back if problems persist. If the test fails, call your local Datacolor Service and Support office.

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