How do I download from a Microflash?

Article Number: 134
Created On: 2009-04-01 8:31 PM
Author: Datacolor []


To download from a Microflash for the very first time, the following procedure must be done first:DwnLd.exe must be run and immediately closed. This file is located in the C:PaintmkrSpectro directory. Once this has been run once from this location, a button called Download Data will appear on the Options page. In order to perform the download, the Microflash must be connected to com1 and in Host mode, on the unit. Then,select the Download Data button from the options page. A drop down menu will appear from the Measure Color Sample tab in Paintmaker, which will allow you to select the color sample name you wish to match. Once a sample name is selected, you will need to select the Match Download button located directly below the drop down menu.

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