I have purchased multiple databases and got multiple CD’s. Which one do I load first?

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Created On: 2009-04-01 8:24 PM
Author: Datacolor [tpine@datacolor.com]

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Many Datacolor Paint and Paintmaker customers run more than one database, for instance, many ACE customers also sell Pratt & Lambert, Benjamin Moore or Cabot. The same scenario is also true for True Value customers. In these cases, each database comes on a separate CD, which is both a complete software installation and an upgrade. The best way to load multiple manufacturers is to take note of the Paintmaker software version listed on each CD i.e. v2.2.35 or v2.1.3 etc. and load the oldest version first as the complete installation and each subsequent version as an upgrade. You may on occasion encounter the following message: You already have this version or a newer version of Paintmaker installed on your system. The installation will now install your manufacturer data. Proceed by clicking ’Yes’ (recommended). In these cases, click yes and continue. This is always an entirely safe procedure because it skips installing software completely and loads only databases.

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