"runtime error ’20567’ Error in file C:PaintmkrdataXXX.rpt Page Header or Footer longer then Page"

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Created On: 2009-03-27 7:46 PM
Author: Datacolor [tpine@datacolor.com]

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Exit Paintmaker or Datacolor Paint and access the printer properties for the Dymo Labelwriter (either costar xl plus, Dymo EL60 or Dymo 330). Make sure the print orientation is set to Landscape, and check what size label you use, to make sure the correct paper size is selected (see sheet for available Dymo paper Sizes, most use the shipping label 30256). Once you have established the proper printer settings, exit the printer properties and re-enter Paintmaker or Datacolor Paint.  Try to print a label. You may also need to check the printer setup from the Options page and check to see if the proper printer is selected for the POS default and the proper report size has been chosen.

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