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Glossary is usually defined as an alphabetical list of technical terms in some specialized field of knowledge. This knowledge base glossary provides a collection of knowledge base documents that define many technical terms. These terms are arranged alphabetically, but you can quickly jump to a specific term by selecting its first letter from the index of the knowledge base glossary below.
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Envision Default Profile
Each device has a default profile. The default profile is the one that is used for a device in absentia of any contrary instruction by the user.

Envision Device
A color reproduction device. For our purposes, this is either a monitor or a printer.

Envision environment
A collection of objects displayed in their correct context. Contains all required information to fully reproduce a scene, including illuminant, observer and gamut mapping information, etc.

Envision Image
A device independent LCh format image.

Envision Object
Either a tile or an image.

Envision Profile
Contains the complete calibration information required to reproduce colors on a device that is configured for a specific set of conditions. A device may have several profiles containing calibration information for different device conditions. For example, a monitor may have a profile for each colorimeter used with the system, or a printer may have a profile for each kind of paper that is used.

Envision Tile
A solid rectangle of color in the Datacolor Envision software.

Mixture of transparent resins, solvents and/or additives. Primarily used to alter the strength of mixtures that include colorants.

Fast correction
Used for a production correction without an existing recipe. It is based on a theoretical calculated recipe of the standard.

Single fiber to be dyed.

Fiber group
All fibers used for a Quality / Style. A fiber group can be a single fiber or a combination of different fibers, e.g., PES, PES/CO.

Film Thickness
Film thickness is a physical property that is related to the dry film. It can be expressed in percentage (%), or a number representing a unit of measurement. If you are working with transparent or translucent samples, differences in film thickness have a large impact on the acceptance of a color match. A formula from Formula Central must be applied at the displayed film thickness in order to achieve the other specifications included in the formula display, such as contrast ratio, color difference, or others.

Formula Form
The form describes the type of physical material you are using. For example, colorants can be dry powder, dispersions/ concentrates, or finished products.

Formula mode
The mode refers to how you measure the ingredients that go into the formula. For example, If you weigh the amounts of each ingredient, the formula mode is weight units. If you assemble formulas based on volume, or specific gravity (gallons, liters, cc’s, etc.) you will need the formula expressed in volumetric units.

Fractional part
When working with volumetric formulas, it is often the case that a formula expressed in decimals cannot be used directly. For example, the formula calls for 0.77 gallons of Relative Magenta. If you are working in gallons and fluid ounces, you must manually convert the .xxx gallons into the equivalent ounces. In this case the equivalent ounces of Relative Magenta are: .77 X 128 oz/gal = 98.56 ounces A formula that directly expressed ingredient amounts in the number of gallons and fluid ounces would be more useful in this application. The Fractional Parts feature provides this conversion.

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