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Questions List List of Questions available in "Retail"
  1. Invalid file name runtime error 20507 (viewed 21226 times)
  2. "runtime error ’20567’ Error in file C:PaintmkrdataXXX.rpt Page Header or Footer longer then Page" (viewed 15829 times)
  3. How to setup a dispenser in a computer to computer configuration? (viewed 11993 times)
  4. Runtime error 429 active x component cannot create object when attempting to print a label (viewed 10247 times)
  5. How do I set up a dispenser software to software ? (viewed 9821 times)
  6. Instrument Communications Error in Paintmaker or Datacolor Paint (viewed 9559 times)
  7. Invalid White Tile Measurement. Wrong tile? (DF-100) (viewed 9504 times)
  8. Error: "a timeout error occurred communicating with the dispenser. Cannot dispense. Timeout occurred on line @start." (viewed 8924 times)
  9. How do I setup ColorPro software on the same computer as Datacolor Paint or Paintmaker? (viewed 8849 times)
  10. I have a problem with instrument calibration or communication, or I get the following error "component error return the following transfer error will now abort media name data component df (viewed 8774 times)
  11. How do I backup my customer file, if I don’t have a floppy drive? (viewed 8726 times)
  12. I have several Paintmaker or Datacolor Paint CD’s. Which one do I install? (viewed 8552 times)
  13. Labels are printing on two labels instead of one (viewed 8404 times)
  14. How do I set up a Dymo Labelwriter printer in Datacolor Paint or Paintmaker? (viewed 8341 times)
  15. This control NoSpec.Dll does not support a measurement device. (viewed 8280 times)
  16. How to setup Datacolor Paint ? (viewed 8202 times)
  17. How do I install new white tile calibration data in Datacolor Paint? (viewed 8097 times)
  18. I don’t have a floppy disk drive or my calibration data is on another source (CD, Flash Drive, Network, etc.) (viewed 7914 times)
  19. How do I download from a Microflash? (viewed 7913 times)
  20. The settings specified in the hrblcomm.ini were not valid. (viewed 7858 times)
  21. How do I store a new diagnostic tile measurement in Paintmaker or Datacolor Paint, if I have replaced my white tile, or changed instruments? (viewed 7820 times)
  22. I need help installing a Paintmaker upgrade. (viewed 7763 times)
  23. Labels do not print correctly, printer does not feed labels correctly, the ready light on the printer blinks after attempting to print. (viewed 7706 times)
  24. Getting error "curtin form load - error 372 failed to load control cscomb32.ocx" (viewed 7624 times)
  25. Error number -2147417848 (viewed 7622 times)
  26. Just downloaded instrument data from e-mail, how do I load the new calibration data? (viewed 7567 times)
  27. I have purchased multiple databases and got multiple CD’s. Which one do I load first? (viewed 7519 times)
  28. My buttons and features are missing from the Datacolor Paint or Paintmaker software. (viewed 7480 times)
  29. Software validation screen appears when attempting to run Paintmaker on a system that has already been validated, indicating that the demonstration period has expired. (viewed 7470 times)
  30. "I need to order another formula book (hard copy) or color chips/chip rack or I have questions concerning updated formula book formulas (or any question concerning the contents of formula books) (viewed 7466 times)
  31. How do I set up a loaner instrument? (viewed 7434 times)
  32. An error Occurred During Instrument Measurement (viewed 7233 times)
  33. I can’t find the paint bases I need to make a match. (viewed 7203 times)
  34. I ordered a particular manufacturer’s database with my system and did not get it. (viewed 7167 times)
  35. How do I get information on Orchard Supply Hardware Upgrades? (viewed 7132 times)
  36. I am experiencing instrument calibration or communication problems (viewed 7095 times)
  37. What’s the current recommended printer? (viewed 7022 times)
  38. I still receive a calibration error after correct calibration file data is installed. (viewed 7018 times)
  39. Why can’t I do a custom match using a certain product? (viewed 7013 times)
  40. Is there a manual for Paintmaker? (viewed 6953 times)
  41. I have version xx.xx for Paintmaker or Datacolor Paint; is this the latest version? (viewed 6883 times)
  42. Where do I purchase labels for labelmaker? (viewed 6786 times)
  43. How to convert volumetric output to shots output, in retail paint (viewed 6668 times)
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