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Questions List List of Questions available in "Legacy Software"
  1. Error:E090: 23000 [Sybase][ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Anywhere]Integrity constraint violation: No primary key value for foreign key ’Product’ in table ’Dyelot_ColorRecipe_Line’ STMT:insert into Dyel (viewed 19440 times)
  2. Exception EDBE Engine Error Invalid string or buffer length. You use a Sybase engine (not Sybase Server/Client) and no user is defined in BDE Administrator (viewed 17892 times)
  3. Error BDE: Database not connected. General SQL error. [Sybase][ODBC driver][Adaptive Server Anywhere] Syntax error or access violation: Request to start/stop database (viewed 13111 times)
  4. Error: (Sybase)(ODBC Driver)(Adaptive Server Anywhere) Syntax Error or Access Violation: Number in order by is too large (viewed 12391 times)
  5. Key violation! Sybase ODBCDriver Adaptive server Anywhere Integrity constraint violation. Column ’Prodctrloperation_Id’ in table general sql error ’combprocess_treat_oper_crtloperlist’ cannot be null (viewed 12106 times)
  6. Error: Start_IP.exe - Entry Point Not Found. The procedure entry point @Udmitmsecurity ... could not be located in the dynamic link library ITM_DBCommUnit.bpl. (viewed 12085 times)
  7. Error 3070 when reading Black Trap (viewed 11199 times)
  8. When I start Sybase server, I get the following error message: I/O error Fatal error: Unknown device error -- transaction rolled back (viewed 10753 times)
  9. General SQL error. Sybase ODBC Driver Adaptive Server Anywhere Syntax error or access violation: Commit/Rollback not allowed within atomic operation (viewed 10511 times)
  10. Error BC453RTL.DLL. Floating Point Invalid (viewed 9874 times)
  11. How to load Chroma-Calc under DOS or Windows (viewed 9842 times)
  12. Error: Start_IP.exe - Entry Point Not Found. The procedure entry point @Easysize@initialization$qqrv could not be located in the dynamic link library ITM_DataAccess.bpl. (viewed 9171 times)
  13. Hardware Problem or No security key Found (viewed 9015 times)
  14. Running Color Tools 1.3r3 or 1.3r4 on a Windows NT can cause error message : “Newlocale.dll not found.” (viewed 8980 times)
  15. Unable to open file USERS.BTR (viewed 8776 times)
  16. Cannot load BPROP20.DLL (viewed 8140 times)
  17. The dyelot generation does not match with the combined process. Why? (viewed 7921 times)
  18. When doing support over modem with pcAnywhere and opening Sybase central 4.0, Sybase central windows don’t refresh properly. (viewed 7893 times)
  19. Error BC520RTL.DLL (viewed 7811 times)
  20. When I am waiting for a generation preview, I get the error message: Exception violation ... in module RBRCL66.bpl ... (viewed 7808 times)
  21. I am getting Paradox errors, when trying to retrieve a sample from my database, in ColorTools. (viewed 7763 times)
  22. Error message = Please connect or reset your instrument ! (viewed 7749 times)
  23. How do I create and use a palette in Lab Paintmaker? (viewed 7698 times)
  24. How can I print a RGB color? (viewed 7677 times)
  25. What is ResetRegistry ? (viewed 7674 times)
  26. SQL Error : Integrity Constraint violation : column "NoOfWeights" in table "DyeLot_Bulked Recipe_Out" can’t be NULL (viewed 7629 times)
  27. E099 Invalid floating point operation (viewed 7614 times)
  28. When I create a new dyelot, I get the error message Index does not exist !. (viewed 7565 times)
  29. The following message coming when the customer try to store the formula in the formula input : DCPPI provocó un fallo de protección general en el módulo MFC250.DLL de 0001:00001866 . (viewed 7516 times)
  30. Error: PDOXUSRS.NET when creating a new record (viewed 7515 times)
  31. Units kg/l (liquor ratio) and °C/min don’t appear in the pop up menu of the ITMRegistry. Why ? (viewed 7486 times)
  32. Unable to read white tile data ! White tile data failed ! (viewed 7477 times)
  33. I am using ColorTools with one instrument, how can I add a second spectrophotometer (viewed 7468 times)
  34. How do I edit PFs in Lab Paintmaker? (viewed 7459 times)
  35. Error AfxthrowDCIDBE Exception (viewed 7445 times)
  36. No match found! (viewed 7437 times)
  37. After weighing products: Error Message: SQL Error: General Error: SELECT returns more than one row. (viewed 7421 times)
  38. Error messages while running DM 1.7.2 or earlier Formula Input, after storing the amounts,etc, then hitting save and the message shown is : "No valid Illum/Obs information. Please check your setu (viewed 7405 times)
  39. I have defined a query in table DYELOT but it doesn’t work (empty result). (viewed 7403 times)
  40. Floating-point : divided by 0! (viewed 7374 times)
  41. Units kg/l (liquor ratio) and °C/min do not appear in the pop up menu of ITM Registry | System settings | Prod unit. Why? (viewed 7363 times)
  42. I have done a user query in Dyelots but the result is always empty. Why? (viewed 7358 times)
  43. Problem in correction options in DM PPI. When the customer try to put all the add in zero, and these numbers not changed!. (viewed 7345 times)
  44. We cannot delete one auxiliary. It will shown the error message: Delete not allowed! Auxiliaries : ARO-BLN--> 1 Inventory Operations ... We have checked all stock operations but none uses it. I get (viewed 7281 times)
  45. How can I test the alphanumeric value of a parameter? (viewed 7261 times)
  46. Unable to generate a dyelot or to customize a production form (viewed 7244 times)
  47. Green tile fail in DM PPI (viewed 7232 times)
  48. When I start ITMRegistry, I get the error message:ExceptionEDBEEngine Error Invalid string or buffer length (viewed 7223 times)
  49. Temporary files appear on the desktop during ITMProcess utilisation. (viewed 7207 times)
  50. Floating-point : invalid. (viewed 7179 times)
  51. I have loaded an ITMProcess expert level certificate but my ITMProcess is still in entry level (viewed 7096 times)
  52. Some dyelots appear twice in SmartWeigh. (viewed 7067 times)
  53. The calculation of OperTotTime does not work properly. It doesn’t calculate the time for heating or cooling. (viewed 7038 times)
  54. When starting SmartWeigh3 Setup, I get the message: Data source name not found and no default driver specified (viewed 7018 times)
  55. When I have done additions or corrections, how can I test the original recipe in a formula? Use of KuseOrigConc and KuseOldConc (viewed 6976 times)
  56. How to use the minimum and maximum fields of parameter or products records? (viewed 6966 times)
  57. The calculation of OperTotTime does not work properly. It doesn’t calculate the time for heating or cooling. (viewed 6949 times)
  58. Data location not found in DCIGLOB.INI (viewed 6873 times)
  59. SmartWeigh does not display the same number of decimals than ITMProcess. Why? (viewed 6848 times)
  60. The sofware can not calculate the right cost in matching (viewed 6724 times)
  61. A column / field is missing in one ITMProcess window. On the other workstations, it is visible. (viewed 6715 times)
  62. When generating a dyelot, I get the following error: Constraint violation: Column Amount Reserved in table Products cannot be null (viewed 6675 times)
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