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Questions List List of Questions available in "SpectraVision/Tools SV 2.5"
  1. What are the differences between the 800 and SpectraVision? (viewed 8055 times)
  2. How many colors can we measure all at once? (viewed 7998 times)
  3. Can a collection be exported as a qtx file? (viewed 7351 times)
  4. What is the image resolution on SpectraVision? (viewed 6830 times)
  5. What are the default borders used by the color separation screen ? (viewed 6772 times)
  6. How would I export all the data on my template including user defined fields for collections, standards and batches? (viewed 6301 times)
  7. What is the difference between QTX and QTX2 files? (viewed 6186 times)
  8. How would I know that I have achieved a good color separation? (viewed 6084 times)
  9. What are the zoom-in and pan function on the top left corner used for? (viewed 6058 times)
  10. How many colors can be measured at once? (viewed 5886 times)
  11. What are the minimum requirements for the computer to run Tools SV 2.5? (viewed 5872 times)
  12. What are the inter-instrument agreement and repeatability specifications for SpectraVision? (viewed 5572 times)
  13. Can the user see the percent of colors in the measurement window view? (viewed 5475 times)
  14. Can I see the spectrum below 400? (viewed 5328 times)
  15. What are the main applications for SpectraVision? (viewed 5306 times)
  16. What is the effective pixel size on the sample (i.e. what is the smallest spot that the camera sees)? (viewed 5298 times)
  17. Do I need to re-measure my standards that were measured with a Datacolor 600 or 800? (viewed 5181 times)
  18. I have multiple collections on my desktop, how can I export only one of them? (viewed 5177 times)
  19. Can collections-colorways be used with traditional instruments? (viewed 5097 times)
  20. What is the aperture size of the SpectraVision instrument? (viewed 5080 times)
  21. What type of data can be obtained with Tools SV 2.5/SpectraVision? (viewed 5049 times)
  22. Can I use Match Textile to match colors separated with SpectraVision? (viewed 4959 times)
  23. Is the calibration process with SpectraVision the same with the white, black and green tile? (viewed 4941 times)
  24. How long it takes for SpectraVision to take a measurement? (viewed 4931 times)
  25. How can I measure multiple colors that will not all fit in the aperture? (viewed 4924 times)
  26. Is the Spectravision instrument available in a vertical orientation as well? (viewed 4841 times)
  27. Are there best practices to measure different fabrications? (viewed 4765 times)
  28. Does the software also offer the chance to average readings? (viewed 4740 times)
  29. What light sources are available in Tools SV 2.5 for SpectraVision? (viewed 4676 times)
  30. Do I need to calibrate my monitor to work with SpectraVision? (viewed 4642 times)
  31. To test fabric on SpectraVision should I use single or multiple layers ? (viewed 4638 times)
  32. Is it possible to change the IP address that is used to connect to SpectraVision ? (viewed 4635 times)
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