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  1. How to run Datamatch Textile and Datamatch PPI in the same system (viewed 5880 times)
  2. How to correct a color in Datamatch textile? (viewed 5661 times)
  3. How to add a dye into an existing dyeset in Datamatch textile ? (viewed 5650 times)
  4. How to match a color in Datamatch textile? (viewed 5562 times)
  5. How to create a dyeset in Datamatch textile? (viewed 5331 times)
  6. In Datamatch PPI, when I match or correct a color, I get a warning/error message, ‘wrong data by loading product line info’. (viewed 5284 times)
  7. List of .INI file entries for Datamatch Paint, Plastics, Ink software (viewed 5132 times)
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