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  1. My Ahiba Nuance Top Speed is cooling slowly, slower than it was new. (viewed 9026 times)
  2. Where can I download Autolab Data? (viewed 7674 times)
  3. My Ahiba IR or Ahiba ECO is cooling very slowly. (viewed 7418 times)
  4. I have two equal Ahiba Nuances, programmed the same, but the dyeing result is different. (different shades) (viewed 7405 times)
  5. Can I mix stainless steel beakers with black coated beakers? (viewed 7202 times)
  6. Can I always leave the reference beaker in the unit? (viewed 7163 times)
  7. What do I have to do when the robot just stops? The robot just stops and doesn’t do anything. (viewed 7017 times)
  8. AutoLab - The solution agitation belt is very noisy. (viewed 6726 times)
  9. How do I backup the files for Autolab? (viewed 6722 times)
  10. AutoLab - The dispense head crashes with all the bottles. (viewed 6581 times)
  11. Guidelines on correct operation of AutoLab dispensers to ensure best dyeing results. (viewed 6444 times)
  12. Why is the SPS dropping water? (viewed 6016 times)
  13. AutoLab - The SPS does not reach the last water weight. (viewed 5985 times)
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