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Questions List List of Questions available in "ColorReaderPRO"
  1. I want to start a demo trial for ColorReaderPRO, how many fan decks can be mastered to help with the trial? (viewed 490 times)
  2. In addition to this knowledgebase, who will provide support for my device? (viewed 465 times)
  3. What degree of customization can I have on my device? And mobile app? (viewed 419 times)
  4. What languages are available for the hardware device? (viewed 413 times)
  5. Can I measure my own fan decks? (viewed 412 times)
  6. What is and where can I find the access code requested during the device registration to the mobile app? (viewed 376 times)
  7. Is the dE calculation for the color lookup based on CIEL*a*b* or CMC? (viewed 344 times)
  8. When would I receive a link to the Fleet Management Software? (viewed 344 times)
  9. Could I connect ColorReaderPRO to Paint 2.0 or dispenser software? (viewed 344 times)
  10. What version of Bluetooth is the minimum requirement? (viewed 341 times)
  11. Do I need to purchase the Fleet Management software? (viewed 333 times)
  12. On the Fleet Mgmt software, Can I add the same fan decks to different companies? (viewed 333 times)
  13. My instrument is working well standalone but it is not connecting to the app (viewed 330 times)
  14. Can the mobile app work without a connected ColorReaderPRO? (viewed 330 times)
  15. The Search should able to display page number on respective fan deck (viewed 329 times)
  16. Can I use the mobile app in my native language? (viewed 327 times)
  17. Could I connect ColorReader to my own mobile app? (viewed 325 times)
  18. When my paint company has fan deck updates, do my users get this update automatically? (viewed 325 times)
  19. I want to place an order for multiple units for my network of painters and contractors, how many downloads are available for the mobile app? (viewed 325 times)
  20. Is it possible to use 1 unit for several users (app) ? (viewed 323 times)
  21. Is it possible to enter the LAB /RGB /HEX Colors in mobile Apps to further search from store fan deck? (viewed 321 times)
  22. What is the general life of unit and its battery?  (viewed 319 times)
  23. Is there a User Guide for the mobile app and the Fleet Management software? (viewed 317 times)
  24. Is the SDK available for Windows apps? (viewed 316 times)
  25. Is it possible to use multiple devices with the same mobile app? (viewed 316 times)
  26. Is ColorReaderPRO close to the 600 or 800 families? (viewed 315 times)
  27. What devices can I use to install the mobile app? (viewed 307 times)
  28. If available can I use different fandecks in device standalone versus the mobile app? (viewed 307 times)
  29. If several fandecks are available on the app, is the ColorReaderPRO unit (standalone) searching automatically in all fan decks ? (viewed 306 times)
  30. What is the storage capacity of the ColorReaderPRO unit? (viewed 304 times)
  31. Is it possible to customize my OEM with individual logos? (viewed 298 times)
  32. What languages are available for the Fleet Management software? (viewed 298 times)
  33. When I trymeasuring metallic and fluorescent colors they don’t always match to my fan deck colors. (viewed 294 times)
  34. I am getting Invalid Calibration and my colors are coming wrong (viewed 290 times)
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